Arthur T. Murray uj797 at victoria.tc.ca
Tue Aug 17 16:41:54 CEST 2004

Now, suppose that you wanted to write an AI in Python that would
implement your mind-model and allow it to grow, mutate, develop.
Here is one possible scenario.

It would not be necessary to do all the work yourself. If we
began coding a baby Mind.py and published the initial code
out on the Web, other Python programmers might start adding
to it and start specializing in the refinement of hotspots.

http://mind.sourceforge.net/aisteps.html begins with a list
of six modules (Security; Sensorium; Emotion; Think; Volition;
Motorium) that could be roughed out as a looping chain as in
http://mind.sourceforge.net/jsaimind.html -- the JavaScript AI.

You or anyone else who disagreed with the choice or naming of
the top-level mind-modules could simply web-publish a Mind.py
with a different arrangement of mind-modules in Python.
Non-global variables could be used, and each coder could
web-publish a Table of Mind.py Variables for reference.

Although it might seem trivial to web-publish only the
initial chain-loop of the cycling mind-modules, one has
to start coding AI somewhere, and there might be novice
Python programmers who would learn Python by coding AI.

[Uh oh; I just got the urge to post this plan on Usenet!]

At a certain critical mass, the Python AI code might escape
the purview of any single code-maintainer and speciate so
widely, so wildly, that Python became the language of choice
for all teaching of AI and all early AI implementations.

I mean, what are the relative Web-saturations of Python and Perl?
Recently on SlashDot or elsewhere I was reading that those who
want a job learn Java, while those who want to code, use Python.
The idea was that Python attracts those who write the best code.

Anyway, once Mind.py code starts appearing on the Web, it may
mutate. If not, "Survival of the fittest" sounds its death-knell.
But results are not instant. Months or years may first go by.

Since I do not know Python, I would keep working on the JavaScript
AI, which I would eventually retro-port into the Mind.Forth AI.

Now in news:comp.lang.python I will post much of the above text.


Arthur T. Murray
http://mind.sourceforge.net/python.html -- Python AI Weblog

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