Questions about parsing XML

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Sat Aug 7 16:24:40 CEST 2004

Kyle Root <kyleroot at> pisze:

>> libxml2 ( has excellent support for XPath, F.
>> Lundh's ElementTree also supports some XPath expressions, although it is
>> built on expat and needs to parse whole XML document.
> Well I was going to use that, but I remember reading somewhere that 
> xmlib was depreciated or something, even if it has been do you still 
> recommend libxml2 over expat?

Python's xmllib (regular expression based parser) is not the same
software as libxml2 (GNOME XML library) ;).

If you need full support for XPath, XPointer, XInclude or namespaces
(see I recommend using
libxml2. Some people say that some of its parsers are also faster than
original J. Clark's expat (although not as easy to use as expat or
expat-like SAX parser from libxml2).

Jarek Zgoda

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