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Doug Rosser da_rosser at
Wed Aug 4 20:45:00 CEST 2004

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> Michael Ekstrand <python at> wrote:
> >Is there a good book that covers Python at least through 2.2 (including
> >new-style classes, etc.)? I'm particularly looking for something with 
> >large appendices of reference material. (alternatively, if someone's 
> >publishing print versions of the Python documentation, that would 
> >possibly be of interest. 
> A good reference for Python 2.2 is "Python in a Nutshell", by Alex Martell.
> Also good, and more pedagogical, is "Learning Python", 2nd. edition, by Lutz
> and Ascher. O'Reilly published both books.
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Sadly, the second edition of Learning Python is so thorough, it isn't
superb for -learning- python anymore. It is one helluva nice
reference, though.

da rosser

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