favorite python web development tool?

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Wed Aug 18 14:18:21 CEST 2004

Ben Last wrote:

> I'm currently approaching the end of a sizeable website development in Zope.
> I found it to be a very powerful environment which is *extremely* badly
> documented and requires a *significant* investment in learning time.  I'm
> not new to Python, and that was very useful to me, since I ended up in the
> source code of the various Zope components many, many times.  If you *are*
> new to Python, I would tentatively suggest that Zope is suitable only if
> your first development is not mission critical or subject to tight time
> pressure.  I don't regret choosing Zope as far as suitability is concerned,
> but I do believe I underestimated how weak the documentation and support is,
> and how difficult it would be to work in.
> This is, I repeat, merely my subjective opinion.  

Though it is one that others share, me included.  I don't regret the
time we spent using Zope, but we moved past the point where the
investment (time, learning, etc) required to work with it was paid
back by the gains.

I will say that in our case we later concluded that Zope was not
the best fit for the job at hand... but we weren't doing anything
that could really be called "content management" so the fault might
be more ours than Zope's.


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