Larry Wall & Cults

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Xah Lee wrote:

>Larry Wall and Cults
>(Lazyness, Impatience and Hubris)
>Dear readers,
>Did you know that throughout history there's this thing called cult?
>It is a very interesting phenomenon. I don't have time to expound and
>teach, but will try to brief you.
<snipping lots of nonsense>

>How can we prevent heinous cults then? Stop bending truths. Education
>and rationalism. I'm starting my own cult to exterminate morons on
>this earth.  Two things are on the top of my agenda: Unixism and Perl.
Here's some entertaining "stuff" from his website.  Couldn't find what 
he wants to replace UNIX with, though.

i as a troll is rather special because
i tend to put a final say on things, in
contrast with one-liner trolls i myself
despise. (In a sense i'm an anti-troll,
untroll, or an atrocious atroll.) At
first i balked at being branded a
troll. Now i revel it. I as a troll is
rather recent, beginning and getting
worse about in 1998. I have been using
online discussion medium since
1990. Perhaps one day i'll write "how i
became a troll". It is bound to be a
tragedy. --Xah Lee

Unix advocating morons, computing professionals, and info suckers, get 
ready to be pissed off, but make yourself comfortable.

    Protocols, Resources, Mob rulez

generic info on computing protocol specs and resources. SGML, XML, CSS, 
TCP/IP, DNS, RFC, Unicode, etc. In the computing industry, especially 
unix community, protocols becoming a stardard is not usually caused by 
technical excellency, but being commonly in use. Those in common use is 
usually a result of being free or non-proprietary, which more often than 
not is technically poor.

Last week i bought a chain saw with a
twisted handle. Perhaps i wasn't
careful, but by accident it chopped one
of my arm off, then i thought to myself
"gosh, this is POWERFUL!". This seems to
be the fashionable mode of thinking
among the unixers or unixer-to-be, who
would equate power and flexibility with
rawness and complexity; disciplined by
repeated accidents. Such a tool would
first chop off the user's brain, molding
a mass of brainless imbeciles and
microcephalic charlatans the likes of
Larry Wall and Linus Torvald jolly
asses. --Xah Lee

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