Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Aug 18 01:34:57 CEST 2004

Sandy Norton wrote:

> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>In the vein of Jython, I wonder what it would take to build
>>a Flython?  (Lousy name, I know.)  That would take Python
>>source, presumably a subset since some things couldn't be supported,
>>and compile it into ActionScript bytecode (aka the bytecode compiled
>>from ECMAScript source for the Macromedia Flash player environment).
> Have you looked at

Briefly, but I'm not fully qualified to judge.  I wrote this
in another post that you might not yet have seen:

"""Ming appears to be in an extremely early form, and there are
    suggestions it's not very stable yet (and I think that word was used
    in the sense of "unreliable", not just "changing").

    The script support appears to be "C-like, with a very limited
    feature set".  Doesn't even allow function calls?!  That
    can't be good.


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