Interface to win32 resources

Peter Hansen peter at
Thu Aug 19 18:52:31 CEST 2004

Paul Watson wrote:
> I would rather use a module that comes with Python that to require the user
> to install win32all.  This would reduce complexity and possibly resistance
> to using a Python application.

If you use py2exe (or an equivalent), and for that matter use a
proper installer-builder such as InnoSetup, then there will be
no resistance to using a Python application merely because it
requires some of the pywin32 (formerly win32all) stuff.  Note
you could also use ctypes (also not part of the core though) which
is quite a bit smaller than pywin32.

If you have a "real" application such that the users might actually
resist using it for such a reason, there's no reason they even
have to know it was done with Python.


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