Boa Constructor error

Uwe Grauer news at
Tue Aug 31 13:44:42 CEST 2004

ake wrote:
> Uwe Grauer <news at> wrote in message news:<cgn9s9$ao5$1 at>...
>>Parano wrote:
>>>I have a recurrent error in Boa Constructor, especially when I try to
>>>activate code completion: a message box reads "UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii'
>>>codec can't decode byte 0xaa in position 52: ordinal not in range(128)"
>>>I couldn't find any google resource on that error.
>>>I have Python 2.3.3 with Boa Construtor 0.3.1 on Mandrake Linux 10.
>>>wxPython is from wxPythonGTK-py2.3-
>>>I also tried wxPythonGTK2-py2.3- but had the same error.
>>>Those RPMs are from where it says that "install and use on
>>>my Mandrake 9.2 system without any troubles."
>>>Any tip on this? Thanks in advance
>>Boa isn't ready for wxPython 2.5.x
>>Use wxPython instead.
> Anyone know what's happening to Boa, there doesn't seem to have been a
> new version for over a year.
> Åke

Not true,

Boa 0.3 came just out.
Boa 0.3.1 is in CVS now.


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