Crypto.PublicKey.RSA.error: Plaintext too large

Ajay Brar abra9823 at
Wed Aug 4 04:32:49 CEST 2004

Peter Hansen wrote:

> Ajay Brar wrote:
>> Peter Hansen wrote:
>>> Ajay Brar wrote:
>>>> I am getting an error - Crypto.PublicKey.RSA.error: Plaintext too 
>>>> large - when verifying the signature of a document. ...
>>> Carriage Return/Line Feed problems?  Or trailing newline problems?
>> thats what i am going to investigate now. But even if there were 
>> trailing newline or carriage return characters, shouldn't the verify 
>> return false instead of giving the error.
> I couldn't say, not having used that particular API.  What does
> the documentation say it should do?  Always return just True or
> False?  Does it not make reference to this type of error?
> -Peter

the documentation says verify should return true or false. it will 
generate an error if plaintext is too large - which is not helping me much
i have pinned the problem down to the signature itself and the way i am 
downloading it.
what i do is when a user clicks on a signature link, i calculate the 
signature on the fly and then do
print "Content-type: application\n"
print signature
i am using content-type application to force explorer to give the 
download dalog box (the application i am building will later be ported 
to a pocket pc). Microsoft on their website said to put the header 
"Content-disposition: attachment;filename=blah" to force dowload, but 
that didn't work - i am yet to find out what i am doing wrong?
so any ideas on how i send the signature across and make the user 
download it?

btw, are there other free Python cryptography packages?



Ajay Brar
CS Honours 2004
Smart Internet Technology Research Group

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