Purely emotional perspective

Jeffrey Froman jeffrey at I.slack
Mon Aug 9 16:49:45 CEST 2004

I have only been using python for a few years, but I have loved it every
step of the way. Each time a new version was released, it contained
improvements that enhanced the readability and feel of simplicity (such as
list comprehensions, substring in string, ...). And each such improvement
delighted me even more, because this is exactly why I loved python in the
first place.

Now come decorators, introducing a non-alphabetic symbol (instead of say, a
new keyword), and worst of all for readability, they come *before* the
function declaration that they supposedly decorate.

I understand that doing things this way has certain technical advantages,
but this is the first time I (in my short history with python) have noticed
readability being sacrificed for any reason. It makes me sad. I feel like
my favorite organic food product decided to start using preservatives and
fillers to save money.


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