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Fri Aug 6 23:20:33 CEST 2004

David Fraser wrote:
> John Roth wrote:
>> "daishi" <google at daishi.fastmail.fm> wrote in message
>> news:d22692a3.0408052233.3459c3fa at posting.google.com...
>>> For what it's worth:
>>> As far as I know, the proposed @decorator syntax will be the first
>>> time that two logical lines of python with the same indentation will
>>> not be independent of one another.
>> Examples:
>> try - except - finally
>> if - elif - else
>> while - else
> I think he mean two consecutive lines of python code with the same 
> indentation.

That's how I took it. From another angle, each of the clauses in 
try/except/finally et al start a suite (i.e., end in ':'); @dec does 
not. Except for the funny symbol, it looks just like any other 
statement--but it sure doesn't act like one.

   -- Mark

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