Image manipulation library under a GPL-compatible license?

Istvan Albert ialbert at
Sun Aug 8 01:52:50 CEST 2004

Leif K-Brooks wrote:

> I need to do some simple image editing (pretty much just scaling) in a 
> GPLed program. Unfortunatly, both of the Python libraries for image 
> editing that I found (gdmodule and PIL) are under the GPL-incompatible 
> original BSD license. Is there another library under a friendlier library?

heh, GPL is a lot less "friendly" than the Python license.

Here is the python license:

"The gist of it is that Python is absolutely free, even for commercial 
use (including resale). There is no GNU-like "copyleft" restriction."

now what part of this is givin you trouble?


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