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Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Mon Aug 30 23:38:55 CEST 2004

Justin, maybe it would help you and us if you would take
a moment to read this document: 

If you followed the advice therein, it would go a long way
to helping you get better answers, faster.

Justin wrote:
> URL open appears to not want to work unless its paramater is an actual
> string spelled out in quotes.  Check out the output to this code.  When
> I give urlopen objects instead of pre strings it doens't work
> correctly.

What is a "pre string"?

> #This is the tuple with three urls in it, they all look correct to me

Actually, it's a list, not a tuple.  That may sound picky, but
it's sometimes critical to be precise about things.  Maybe not
in this case, but I can't be sure...

> ['http://www.ecs.soton.ac.uk/~harnad/temp/ariadne-rae.doc',
> 'http://www.ecs.soto
> n.ac.uk/~harnad/temp/ukparl.doc',
> 'http://www-admn.csun.edu/systech/techsupport/
> procedures/2kcleanup.doc']

What good is that though?  You don't appear even to have
assigned it to anything.  Or it is likely you aren't cutting
and pasting the *exact* code you are trying to run into the
window when you create your messages.  Please don't try retyping
the lines as you post the message: you'll just miss out the
critical stuff.

Note also that the indentation is screwed up for many (or all?)
of us, so that makes it extra hard to help you.

At this point, I strongly recommend you spend some time playing
around at the *interactive interpreter* prompt.  You appear to
be trying code-and-fix style programming in an area in which you
don't have a lot of familiarity.  Rather than editing your source
file and running it at the console, open the Python interactive
prompt (just type "python" at the console prompt) and start
executing these commands manually, inspecting the results each
step of the way and trying to figure out the problem yourself.

This will do two main things.  It will likely lead you to the
source of the problem, which I assure you will seem simple and
silly and, in hindsight, obvious.  It will also equip you with
a very useful and effective tool for figuring out such things
for yourself in the future.

Rest assured we've all been at this stage once, and all got
past it...


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