Alternative decorator syntax decision

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 23 06:05:35 CEST 2004

Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy) wrote:
> Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy) wrote:
>>Anyway, my vote is C1, C1, J2.
> Given how many people are being obstinate about their choice, I'm going
> to change my vote to:
> C1, C1, C1
> ;)

(Deliberately ignoring the wink...)

If there is someone motivated enough to implement C1, I
suggest that it isn't too late.  If Guido is presented
with J2 with an implementation, but knows that C1 was
supported strongly as well and has an implementation
imminent, I'm guessing it would lead him to consider
@pie, J2, and C1 all together on their merits (in his
view) and make a decision, perhaps a pending decision
if he then favours C1.

Without an imminent implementation C1 is likely dead in
the water, much as Timothy or Aahz or I or anyone else
would really prefer it.


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