"Socket" files?

Paulo da Silva psXdaXsilva at esotericaX.ptX
Tue Aug 24 01:11:20 CEST 2004

Paulo da Silva wrote:
> Irmen de Jong wrote:
>> Marcos Dione wrote:
> ...

>> from socket import *
>> sock=socket(AF_UNIX,SOCK_STREAM)
>> sock.bind("/tmp/mysocket")
> ...
> This seems more logical. Besides there is also a "file" type
> "fifo" where I was using mkfifo.
> I'll give it a try. Unfortunately I began to upgrade my Gentoo
> Linux and I am busy now.

OK. It works! I'll use mkfifo for "fifo" type and this for
"socket" type.
BTW, don't I need to close "sock.close()"? I don't want to
do anything with the socket except keeping it on disk.

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