[Newby question] List comprehension

Hallvard B Furuseth h.b.furuseth at usit.uio.no
Fri Aug 6 17:08:29 CEST 2004

Eelco Hoekema wrote:
> Batista, Facundo schreef:
>> Now, explain me why a list comprehension is better here.
> Are they better? Don't know. In Dive into Python, Mark Pilgrim states
> compared to list comprehensions, for loops are a waste of time. Not
> sure what he means by that, though.

List comprehensions are faster.

> I just like them, that's all.

Well, in your example you could cheat and use the for statement as an
assignment statement:

  [(root, songs)
   for (root, dir, files) in os.walk(os.path.abspath('.'))
   for songs in (filter(song, files),)
   if songs]

However, if you like that sort of tricks, try Perl.
Or submit a proposal to extend the list comprehension syntax:

  [(root, songs)
   for (root, dir, files) in os.walk(os.path.abspath('.'))
   with songs = filter(song, files)
   if songs]


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