Anyone use VPython?

Arthur ajsiegel at
Mon Aug 16 15:28:53 CEST 2004

On Mon, 16 Aug 2004 00:50:12 GMT, Arthur <ajsiegel at>

>Experiment from the IDLE prompt.

Oops. I forgot. I really did.

What IDLE prompt?

The VPython Windows distribution has the gaul to overwrite the
conifig-main.def file in the idlelib directory changing the default
behavior of IDLE on start-up to be a text editor, rather than an
interactive prompt.

This despite the fact that:

a) The person responsible for configuring the distribution knows that
the developers of IDLE =- specifically one GvR - made a clear
statement as to wanting the prompt as the default start-up.

b) The new IDLE has specifcally added the ability for user defined
configuration of options without touching anything in the idlelib

c) This kind of overwrite of lib files, it seems to me, is bad form in
any case.

The fact that I think that the decision is also ridiculous, on its
merits, being totally besides the point.

The OP, depending on his profile, may in actual fact have no idea what
I am talking about by referring to the IDLE interactive prompt -
having downloaded VPython.

I had made an issue of this - again - recently on edu-sig.  To a
resounding thud of reaction.  But this little exhange proves at least,
to myself,   that I am attacking something real.  Not just looking to
pick a fight.


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