Python future performance and speed

Neuruss luismg at
Mon Aug 23 07:32:58 CEST 2004

Jeremy, I didn't attack anyone's religion or race. 
We are talking about a programing language...why are you so touchy?

> as Python is an open-source and volunteer based this can be interpreted as
> a command on how people should spend their freely offered time.

Granted. Perhaps I should have started the phrase: "In my humble
English is not my mother tongue, as you might have already guessed, so
excuse me if I'm not sensitive enough...

> (In other words, all of *what* efforts? Are you helping to speed up Python
> at all, or is this just rather strongly worded "suggestions" to other
> people? Not a friendly approach.)

If you read again my previous post, you'll see that I already
expressed my genuine admiration and gratitude for python's developers
and that I think that the path they are taking for improving python is
the correct one.
As for what I'm doing to help python, I'm affraid nothing, Im sorry.
I'm not a developer. Maybe I'm just helping by spreading the word that
python is great...
As far as I know, this forum is for all python users, not just
Now if you think I shouldn't participate here, please kindly let me

> Referring to other people's opinions as "nonsense" is also not a path to a
> productive discussion, especially when the prime criterion for
> "nonsensicalness" seems to be "an opinion different then mine".

I appreciate other people's oppinions, even when I disagree. I didn't
say that other people's oppinions were nonsense, what I meant is that
the whole discussion was getting nonsense, because there's no use in
discussing wether python is slow or not.
Now if you find this oppinion ofensive, I'm sorry.
> If you don't understand why that is logically true, I
> suggest thinking about it for a bit before replying yet again...

With duly respect, I don't need you to teach me how and when I should
express myself.
Please don't get me wrong, I really find much of your writing
reasonable, but the arrogant tenor of your educational suggestion is
out of place.

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