urllib hangs

Benjamin Niemann pink at odahoda.de
Mon Aug 23 19:48:06 CEST 2004

Jay Donnell wrote:
> This is a basic version of my code
> for url in urls:
>     fp = urllib.urlopen(url)
>     lines = fp.readlines()
>     #print lines
>     for line in lines:
>         #print line
>         if(reUrl.search(line)):
>             print 'found'
>             return 1
>         else:
>             print 'not found'
>             return 0
> this hangs occasionally for some certain url's. If I do a ctrl-c
> (linux) it will move on to the next url. How can I get this to timeout
> and move on to the next url.
since 2.3 there's socket.setdefaulttimeout(), this should to the job:

import socket
# throw socket.timeout exception after 10s,
# default is to wait a infinitly (or at least a very, very long time...)

For older python versions, ask google for timeoutsocket.py

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