Python secure?

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> And because some M$ employee did something sloppy it is an implication
> that C is bad.

You said that, not me.

> I have to say the responsibility is the programmers, *not* the language.

The fact that most road accidents are the responsibility of some driver
does not change the fact that good highway engineering -- lane lines, guard
rails, proper grading and sight around curves, and traffic lights, etc -- 
reduces the number of accidents.

In any case, what I wrote was in the context of a beginning programmer
asking if Python is secure -- in particular. as secure as compiled C.  All
the previous answers were in term of source code hiding and copyrights.  I
wrote to suggest that he also consider security in terms of ease of
shooting oneself in the foot, and that in that regard, C is less secure
rather than more secure.  Despite your out-of-context sniping, I believe
this suggestion to be appropriate and the statement to be correct.

To put it another way, what I wrote was like advising a beginning driver to
think twice before driving on a curvy mountain road lacking center lines
and guard rails.

> And what language is Python programmed in... oh yah, C.  Perhaps people
> shouldn't talk about how poorly secure C and then go off to how secure
> Python is when Python is written in C.  Houses built on sand...

More out of context sniping, which I anticipated ...

As we both said, C is safer in the hands of expert, experienced, careful
programmers.  People like you claim to be and people like Guido and Tim
Peters.  They program in C so we have less need to.  And I am grateful for

Terry J. Reedy

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