shashaank sthota at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 22:45:56 CEST 2004

hello all.
i am new to both dtml and zope. i have inherited a piece of dtml code
that essentially perfoms sending email.

<dtml-comment>Send email</dtml-comment>

       <dtml-sendmail smtphost="MailHost" mailto="<dtml-var email>"
mailfrom="sales at quietcare.info">
	Subject: Confirming your account.
	  Sorry, we could not process your email.
	  <p><dtml-var error_type>: <dtml-var error_value><pre><tt>
	    <dtml-var error_tb></pre;></tt></p>
the syntax looks fine and i have configured "MailHost" to our internal
mail server but the emails do not seem to go through nor
do i get the exception message. can any one tell me if am missing
something fundamental over here. thanks a lot.

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