MSI Installer Problem: can't install 2.4a2 on new install of Win2kSP2

Richard Hanson me at
Thu Aug 26 02:27:05 CEST 2004

Following up:

After a couple of tries this afternoon, I managed to DL Python 2.3.4
and installed it -- Idle ran and seemed to be normal. 

(I thought I would do a quick "test" before posting so I did a "from
test import testall" and got pages and pages of output from 2.3.4 --
about 257kB's worth. <wink>)

Anyway, Python 2.4a2 *still* does not install on my Fujitsu LifeBook
P1120 with Win2kSP2 -- as described in my original post.

So, still stumped.

hard-to-count-the-ways-without-Decimal'ly y'rs,

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