Alternative decorator syntax - POLL RESULTS SO FAR - ARE WE DONE?

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Sun Aug 22 07:12:59 CEST 2004

Paul McGuire wrote:
> Well, after 3 days of open polling, the number of additional 
> votes have
> dropped off pretty dramatically.  Here are the results so far:
> Total voters: 55 (with 3 votes each)

Funny, I have 56. But I counted Paul Rubin (J4, None, None). ;)

> However, the multivote format gives us some additional 
> information, over
> conventional "one-person-one-vote" format.  Of the 55 voters, 
> 75% cast at
> least one vote for J2, while only 35% cast one or more votes 
> for C1.  From
> the standpoint of building concensus, I find this statistic 
> more compelling
> than the raw vote count.  It tells me that 3/4 of the voting 
> sample are at
> least open to the option presented by J2, so that developing community
> acceptance is more likely to happen more quickly with J2 than with C1.
> I do *not* think that Guido plans to have a run-off between the
> chosen alternative and the @ syntax, nor that he would give much
> credence to one if it were held

Mostly true. He intimated today that he would like more confirmation
that the J2 proposal has broad support among all developers, not just
those thirsting for an alternative. Voting solely among alternatives
doesn't supply that statistic, and Doug Holton's poll, although it
included A1, used arbitrary "favorite candidates". Now that we are
approaching a more consensus alternative, it might be best (AFTER the
proposal is hashed out) to find a way to produce that statistic for him.
Personally, I would favor a list of names over an anonymous poll. Two
lists, actually--one of those who can support the J2 proposal, and those
who reject it in favor of A1.

Actually, I would favor him being completely swayed by the arguments in
the proposal, but I won't hold my breath. ;)

> But I think he *will* be pleased that among the babel of 
> syntax proposals that have been put forward, this fairly unstructured
> unorganized group will have come to closure and met his challenge,
> and settled on *one* alternative option.

Yup. If for no other reason, because he can then reject it forever. ;)

> ...response rate now looks to be dropping off.  I am skeptical 
> that additional time will significantly change the results.

I think you should give it a Monday. End-of-week-only polls always fare
poorly in turnout. The release of the proposal draft by Monday morning
may also galvanize reaction on both sides.

Robert Brewer
Amor Ministries
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