Desperately needing Help with 2 features of a program

JDevine justin__devine at
Wed Aug 25 17:30:23 CEST 2004

Hey.  I posted a info about a program I have written that uses google
to get and download files by type and site.  I need HELP!!!  This
program is finished except for 2 features which, having tried for two
weeks to create I cannot.  This is my first program EVER.  I simply an
stuck.  Please help.  I was allowed by my employer to experiment with
programing / open source.  I'd like to be able to deliver a complete
program, (so I can possibly do more of it soon).  Here are the two
features I need to consider this program complete.
This program uses wxPython.  

1.  Update the label on a radiobox

2.  Create a downlaod status progress bar.  (I guess this has to be
threaded, many attempts led to endless erros about not using the
proper thread to interact with the GUI)

Find Source at


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