Python secure?

Roger Binns rogerb at
Mon Aug 16 07:31:44 CEST 2004

Roy Smith wrote:
> The OP was asking if Python offered a way to prevent disclosure of his
> source code.  The statement was made that copyright laws would protect
> him.

Copyright laws are also the major prevention of disclosure.  Additionally
they are a basis of getting redress should there be a disclosure.  Those
laws also apply no matter what language and platform are used.

> Protecting the code prevents theft.  IP laws only give you a basis for
> legal action after the code is stolen.

Deliberately obfsucating the code (or just using C :-) will only stop
rank amateurs.  Your (valid) opinion is roughly the same as saying
that your car alarm/security just needs to be better than the other
cars parked around it in order to discourage people going after yours.

The difference here is that software isn't interchangable.  Someone
who wants to break into the OP's software won't be stopped by obfuscation
and decide to go after a word processor instead.

And software doesn't require you to be physically local in the same
way as real property theft requires.  It is also not detectable that
the code has been recovered, whereas your silverware disappearing is :-)


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