Xah Lee's Unixism

Otto Wyss otto.wyss at orpatec.ch
Fri Aug 27 04:05:00 CEST 2004

Pascal Bourguignon <spam at mouse-potato.com> wrote:

> > What you mean with Unixism?
> It's always funny to observe people's contradictions:
>     Last week i bought a chain saw with a
>     twisted handle. Perhaps i wasn't
>     careful, but by accident it chopped one
>     of my arm off, then i thought to myself
>     "gosh, this is POWERFUL!". This seems to
>     be the fashionable mode of thinking
>     among the unixers or unixer-to-be, who

Thanks, for the clarification. For a none native English it's sometimes
difficult to grasp the underlying meaning. And do I understand it right
that Xah Lee _speaks_ against "Unixism" instead of producing code?

Well then I may point at "wyoism", the cult of the code producer. 

O. Wyss

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