Codecs for ISO 8859-11 (Thai) and 8859-16 (Romanian)

"Martin v. Löwis" martin at
Mon Aug 2 01:20:21 CEST 2004

Peter Jacobi wrote:
>>The process is actually very easy. Anybody willing to contribute them
>>would have to upload them to SF (
> Perhaps I have just misunderstood your email. I read it this way (in my own words):

No - this is indeed my view on the issue. However, this is a technical 
view; the *process* is completely independent, and very straight
forward. Submit the patch to SF, and somebody (probably Marc-Andre
Lemburg) will review it. The reviewer might ask questions or request
further changes (such as adding documentation); then the patch gets
accepted or rejected.

I know that *I* would ask questions as to why the submitter thinks the
patch is correct, and I would request that the submitter commits to
maintaining the patch. If you are unwilling to make such a commitment,
I can understand that - it just means that Python 2.4 might not have
these codecs (and we haven't discussed the 8859-16 at all).


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