Announcing PyCs, a new Python-like language on .Net

Tom B. sbabbitt at
Sun Aug 29 16:01:20 CEST 2004

"Mark Hahn" <mark at> wrote in message
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> This is an announcement of the beginning of development of a new
> Python-like language called PyCs (pronounced "pie-cees"). Like IronPython,
> PyCs will be Python on .Net but it will have more advanced features and
> probably have higher performance due to a Psyco-like implementation
> technique.  See
> PyCs is a fusion of Python and C#. It is the first Python-like dynamic
> language with all the capabilities of C# including the capabilities of the
> research language C-Omega (
> the X# language features
> ( that embed
> XML/SQL support directly in the language. At the same time PyCs keeps all
> the advantages of the Python language and the Python way.
> PyCs will not be source compatible with either C# or Python but code could
> be ported from either one easily.
> PyCs is being developed by Mark Hahn who developed Prothon and PyCs grew
> out of the initial efforts to port Prothon to .Net.  For an explanation of
> why the Prothon port to .Net turned into a whole new language, see
> PyCs is just now starting development and will be developed using the same
> XP-like language design process used to develop Prothon. This process will
> use the PyCs mailing list to design the language where Mark acts as
> moderator and implements the language in real-time as the ideas are worked
> out. He will be working on PyCs full-time and drive the development just
> he did with Prothon.
> Please join the PyCs team.  The only effort involved is particpating in a
> low-traffic, high-content, mailing list.  You will be able to influence
> design of the latest and greatest dynamic language.
> -- Mark Hahn,

Python already does all the things that M*soft has tacked on in a kludgy
way, in a beautiful pythonic way. I have been using windows based machines
for a long time and in the language department (as well as others) M*soft
has been superceded by the open source community.


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