Version 2.3.3 vs 2.4.2a Timings

Colin J. Williams cjw at
Fri Aug 13 02:09:34 CEST 2004

These timing results with Fibbonacci, using and not using memoize might 
be of interest.

Version 2.3.3   - Unwrapped is using interation in place of recursion
Unwrapped, using fib:               7.52 usec/pass
Raw Fibonacci:                      252.66 usec/pass
Fibonacci with old deco:            3.18 usec/pass

Version 2.4.2a
Unwrapped, using fib:               4.92 usec/pass
Fibonacci, using @memoize:          2.89 usec/pass
Raw Fibonacci:                      214.11 usec/pass
Fibonacci with old deco:            2.90 usec/pass

2.4.2a provides a significant speedup for these cases.
The unwrapped approach is much better than recursive fibonacci, but not 
as good as with memoise.

This is based on Dan Bishop's code.

Colin W.

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