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Sat Aug 28 09:51:24 CEST 2004

Jan Gregor <gregor.jan at> wrote in message news:<cgmtp7$f6v$1 at>...
> Python is little bit limited in lambda functions. In lisp I use lambda
> functions in functionals (something like a map or reduce in python)
> as a wrapper for functions with more than one argument.
> Jan

Thanks to those that answered. Looks like I need to elarn Lisp to
getter a fuller understanding... right after I learn C.

Hmmm... unfortunately it looks like Python 2.2 or 2.3 broke the
'closure' examples from the Charming Python 'Functional Programming'
series. Looks like the Xoltar toolkit could do with an update. The
article says that the nested scope rules of python 2.1 + mean that you
don't need the toolkit to do closures.... but without the examples
it's a little harder to follow. Maybe it's time for an update !!
Anyway - I did get some interesting ideas.



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