Peter Hansen peter at
Tue Aug 17 06:04:26 CEST 2004

jmdeschamps wrote:

> Well, what about Ming ???

Not sure... Ming appears to be in an extremely early form,
and there are suggestions it's not very stable yet (and
I think that word was used in the sense of "unreliable",
not just "changing").

The script support appears to be "C-like, with a very limited
feature set".  Doesn't even allow function calls?!  That
can't be good.

Maybe improvements are on the roadmap.  I'm not sure why
they would have chosen to go with a C-like scripting
language, however, instead of growing an ECMAScript
language piece by piece.  Or just adopting an existing
component from some other project... maybe from
spidermonkey or something.

I really don't know.  This stuff is not yet something
I know much about.


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