favorite python web development tool?

Anthony_Barker anthony_barker at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 18 19:22:43 CEST 2004

> given my background, webware+cheetah feels comfortingly familiar, and 
> i'm leaning toward it.  before i dive in, though, i'm wondering what you 
> experienced users think about it, compared to the other tools that are 
> out there.  eg, does the python environment have strengths that are 
> better exploited with something other than a servlet-like model?

Have a look at mod_python 3.1 - I've found performance very good. I
benchmarked it against a commercial oversized J2EE app server and for
non complex app found it faster. It includes session handling and a
basic template system. However, you can use whichever templating
language you like with it. Cheetah is nice

Also have a look at SQL Object and db_rows

SQL object is worth checking out -SQLObject is an object-relational
mapper. It allows you to translate RDBMS table rows into Python
objects, and manipulate those objects to transparently manipulate the
It allows you to use something like
>>> p = animal.new(name="Giraffe", category="mammal")
to create a new animal instead of
>>> db.execute(("INSERT into animals (name, category) values %s, %s),
"Giraffe", "mammal")

a simpler alternative - db_rows



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