Proposal for removing self

Max M maxm at
Thu Aug 26 15:03:03 CEST 2004

Brent W. Hughes wrote:
> When doing object-oriented stuff, it bothers me to have to type "self" so
> many times.  I propose that Python allow the programmer to optionally type
> ".variable" instead of "self.variable" to mean the same thing.  Of course,
> the interpreter would have to be more careful about detecting floats that
> begin with just a period as in ".5".  What are your thoughts?

You don't have to use self. You could simply use underscore '_'  instead.

class Person:

     def setName(_, name): = name

     def getName(_):

But other Python programmers will hate you for it ;-)

If it is because you are using an attribute too many times inside a 
method, a better solution is to map it to a local variable. It also has 
the advantage of being faster.

class SoftwareProjectEstimator:

     pi = 3.14

     def guestimatePrice(self, hours, hour_price, developer_group_size):
         pi = self.pi
         guess = hours * pi
         guess *= pi * developer_group_size
         return guess * hour_price

regards Max M

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