Python milestone releases

Tom B. sbabbitt at
Fri Aug 6 16:20:08 CEST 2004

"Thomas D'Tak" <outpost at> wrote in message
news:pan.2004. at
> Hi everybody!
> Recently, I am having more and more problems with the fact that
> my Python version is far ahead of the Python versions I have to
> write scripts for (CGI servers, LAN servers & clients etc. of
> customers, ISPs etc.). Sometimes, these Python versions reach
> back to Python 2.0.
> The question is now, how to handle this kind of problems?
> I do not want to complain here that Python is developing too
> fast; and I do not want to criticize Python's system of version
> numbers. But I want to ask for resp. suggest something like
> *official Python milestone releases*. (Please correct me if
> something like that does already exist and I am just not aware
> of it.)

Anythin thats not a Beta is an *official Python milestone release*,


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