Unpythonic Python

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Tue Aug 24 10:40:12 CEST 2004

dave at boost-consulting.com (David Abrahams) writes:

> I started having some weird problems with Python recently; they're so
> weird that I can't begin to explain them.  All I can do is describe
> the symptoms and hope someone else has a clue.  So here goes:
> FreeBSD 4.2, Python 2.2.2. 
> I have a nightly cron job that downloads the boost cvs tarball from
> SourceForge and bunzip2s it.  For about a year everything worked with
> no problems. About a month ago the download started getting truncated
> with no error reported.

There were some problems with anonymous CVS on sourceforge, which also
affected the nightly CVS tarballs.  Can it have to do with this?
I also had problems downloading the CVS tarball for ctypes - but it
seems now repaired.


>   Then bunzip2 reports corruption, of course.
Maybe you don't get a bz2 file, but a HTML error message instead?

Only speculating,


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