Live conversation between Python and an Excel spreadsheet

quadric at quadric at
Mon Aug 30 18:57:24 CEST 2004

I have an application that requires that Python initiate and mediate a live 
and iterative conversation
between an external application (in which Python is embedded) and an 
external Excel
spreadsheet.  Python will have to pass info to the spreadsheet, spreadsheet 
will make
calculations, Python will obtain results and pass back to 
application,  application will evaluate
results of spreadsheet calculations and create new set of data and 
instructions, Python will pass
new data and instructions to spreadsheet,  loop goes on 'n' times until 
convergence to solution
or no solution.  Python terminates conversation and returns control to 
application until next

If I had my choice (which I don't) I would re-code the spreadsheet in 
Python, but that is not an
option in this case.

Is there anyone on the list that has done this before and has an elegant 
solution?  If so, what Python modules should I look at?  Are there any good 
Python books out there that have
examples of this?

I am experienced with Python and have some knowledge of COM objects etc....

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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