Newbie 1st program

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 16 20:30:07 CEST 2004

JDevine wrote:

> Hey.  I just finished my first python program.  In fact it is my first
> program program at all.  I went from zero knowledge to the current
> state in about 6 weeks.  Check it out at
>  I need help for the next stage of
> development, I am also sure I could use a lot of advice on structure
> etc.  My #1 priority is adding a threaded status bar to track
> downloads to this program.  if you think you can help out let me know.

More people would take the time to visit that link if you
took the time to describe something, *anything*, about what
the program actually does and why we should bother looking.

(Congratulations, though.  After six weeks of programming I'm
quite sure I wasn't capable of writing anything that would
have been worth posting to Sourceforge, had it existed at
the time.)


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