Logical lines of code counter

Leif K-Brooks eurleif at ecritters.biz
Mon Aug 23 05:43:25 CEST 2004

Tim Leslie wrote:
> On Sun, 22 Aug 2004 21:44:17 -0400, Leif K-Brooks <eurleif at ecritters.biz> wrote:
>>I got bored with working on larger projects and wrote a little
>>script/module for counting logical (not physical) lines of Python code
>>in a file or directory.
> If you want something which can do this and so much more, have a look at pylint.
> http://www.logilab.org/projects/pylint

Neat-looking tool, but not really usable for me. It counts physical 
lines, not logical lines; it doesn't seem to have an option to 
recursively scan all sub-directories and files in a directory; and it 
refuses to process a file if some of the modules code wants to import 
aren't importable, which is the case with mod_python code.

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