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Fri Aug 13 14:18:30 CEST 2004

On Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:30:57 +0200, Ronald Oussoren
<ronaldoussoren at> wrote:

>Decorators would make live a lot easier for us, but not having 
>decorators won't kill PyObjC.
>I would like to have decorators, but not at every cost. The 
>@decorator-before-def proposal looks sane.

Thanks for the clarification of your position.  I *was* uncomfortable
guessing at it.

I try to look at  it - that it will make life easier for certain
important projects, and actually cost folks like me nothing.  

And the actual style of programming it promotes (not declarative per
se, but passing around and returning functions) will probably give me
(and others of similar profile) more exposure to concepts that are
good to have one's mind around. And I am free to use the concepts,
without the syntax - forego the sugar.

But I can't seem to sustain that perspective. 

I think I've used this before - but I do hate to think of myself as
one of the folks booing in the audience at Newport when Dylan plugged
in his electric guitar for the first time.

Perhaps I am. 

But it's not like  I don't see the up side - I don't think.  The fact
is that I do - I think - and still wish it wasn't going down.    


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