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Sun Aug 15 20:40:44 CEST 2004

Daniel Ellison wrote ....

| ....
| A flying python! 
| I can see the logo now... 

Peter Hansen wrote .... 

| But does it have anything to do with scripting
| via ActionScript ?  
| As far as I can see it is purely a GUI tool 
| for doing simple animations, and does not allow any scripting.
Peter .... 

  Like Dan Ellison, I was also would like to see   
  a  Flying Python  and thought  PowerBullet  
  might provide a free and convenient mechanism 
  to help realize that vision .... 

  Apparently, a few others have also inquired about scripting
  capabilities in Powerbullet and a bit of searching at their
  on-line forum turned up the following replies from Mark Carter
  the author of Powerbullet .... 

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Source .......
    Posted_By .... Mark Carter,
                 { Powerbullet Author }
    Date ......... Sat Feb 07, 2004 3:30 am  
|| .... 
|| will actionscript work if I add it into the HTML code?
|| ....

    No. This is something for the future. 
    Not so hard to support actionscript, 
    I just haven't included it because PB 
    is aimed at non-programmers. 
    For navigation it's more likely 
    I'll include just low level Flash jumps.
    Perhaps later it might be a good idea 
    to put action scripts in the HTML 
    - but they won't work now because I don't parse them. 
    Not a bad idea though... let me think about it

Source .......
    Date ......... Fri Apr 30, 2004 7:13 pm    

    Next version, due for release in a fortnight, 
    has capability to pass messages from the SWF movie 
    to your web page. 
    So you can create a JavaScript function on your page 
    and call it from the Flash movie. 
    You do this using the existing URL link mechanism 
    for buttons or linked external SWF movies. 
    There are standard commands that can be directed 
    to Flash from JavaScript. 
See the Macromedia Flash site. 
    Built-in commands that you can call from your web page 
Examples of calling (some quite silly) DHTML facilities

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