J2 0-2-6 is available

Dave Brueck dave at pythonapocrypha.com
Wed Aug 25 03:27:47 CEST 2004

Neil Hodgson wrote:

>    I'd like to dissent on "using". To me, this code does not read well.
> using:
>     classmethod
> def foo(cls):
>     pass
>    foo *is* a class method, it is not *using* a class method.

I hadn't thought of it that way before - as 'foo' the one doing the 
using. Instead I read it as the programmer/language is using the 
decorators in the process of defining foo - they're sort of tools being 
used in the construction of the method.

I'm +0 on 'using' as the keyword and -1 on most of the alternates. :)


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