PEP318: radical notion

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Aug 23 21:15:53 CEST 2004

Arien Malec wrote:

> Apologies for feeding the fire, when we are rallying around a consensus, 
> but I've been concerned about the clash between syntax and semantics, and 
> I've finally reached a mini-epiphany:
> The problem with PEP318 is that it is too powerful, and tries to do too 
> much. It is a sledgehammer for attacking three problems:

I believe your mini-epiphany has been reached by several other people
in this forum and discussed at length, certainly not in exactly the
same words but surely in a very similar form.

If you've checked the archives and seen those discussions, but still
feel you have something really original to contribute, I suggest
contrasting your argument with those previous ones to demonstrate
how it is different and worth further discussion at this point.
If you don't, I expect many people will feel you are just rehashing
something very late in the game and will mostly ignore your post.


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