allowing braces around suites

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Fri Aug 27 14:55:26 CEST 2004

[Andrew Durdin]:
>   The whole topic of explicit[*] end-of-block markers was brought up
>   and discussed at great length in May 1994:

thank you for the reference!  I'm happy to see that Guido wasn't
strictly opposed to such a feature 10 years ago.

>   Regardless of history, it looks to me like your problem could be
>   better solved by modifying your emacs mode to consider whitespace
>   more correctly -- AFAICT there is no reason why it should ever
>   pick up the logging line in your example and indent it to the same
>   level as the else: block.

how can Emacs tell?  if I press TAB and thus ask Emacs to re-indent
the line, that's what it will do.  arguably, the correct fix is to
disable the "clever" re-indentation code of Emacs since it's too easy
to fool it, but this makes coding more awkward in other cases.  it
also doesn't solve cut-n-paste errors.
Kjetil T.

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