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Wed Aug 18 08:31:47 CEST 2004

Oddly enough, I've just acquired a need (translation: had a requirement
dropped on me) for a certain amount of generation of Flash from Python.  If
anyone's got any pointers to code, however non-project-grade, I'd be happy
to take a hack at cleaning it up and re-releasing it in return for the time
saved :)

humbly yours

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> I've written some code (twice, I think) to generate SWF from Python.
> Didn't include ActionScript, but it's all there in the SWF spec, so it
> shouldn't be *too* hard to implement. My code was less than fast, and
> was highly specialized to do a few things that I was interested in
> (and ignored the rest). If there's interest, I'll dig it out, though
> it's far from project-grade code and is possibly broken. The toughest
> part was just grokking the SWF spec, and building some Pythonic
> primitives that can output SWF tags. Simply put, writing SWF from
> Python isn't rocket science. But of course, you want more than just
> that...

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