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Jonathan Daugherty cygnus at
Thu Aug 26 06:14:37 CEST 2004

# Started programming 'real' computers starting
# with an IBM 1401 Card system with 4k characters of memory using 1401
# SPS (Symbolic Programming System) the assembler of the day. Graduated
# to an IBM 360/30 with 3 2311 disk drives and COBOL and learned from
# bitter experience why 'alter... goto' should be banished from
# existence (I think its been obsoleted in current COBOL versions). Went
# on from there to large mainframes and lots of IBM assembler, CICS, and
# more COBOL. Dabbled with RPG and FARGO and probably a couple of
# languages I've completely forgotten about.  Had a z80 machine custom
# built for me in 1977 by ByteShop East in NYC and fooled around with GW
# Basic. Discovered C in the early eighties and loved it. Graduated to
# RadioShack TRS 80 model III's (it actually had a decent COBOL compiler
# which I fooled around with and a great C compiler made by Mix)  and
# Atari 800 (anyone remember Atari's Deep Blue C C compiler?)  Dabbled
# in Java for awhile when it came out and off and on thru release 1.2.
# Fooled around with Perl and totally spurned  Python (indentation for
# statement grouping, YUCKKK!). Couple of years later, wanted to do some
# GUI's fast, and 'lo and behold'... PYTHON to the rescue. I've been
# learning and using it now for about a 1/2 year and love it!
# BTW anybody know what SPOOL stands for? I do. Once won a magazine
# subscription extension for answering that question...  No, you don't
# win anything if you answer correctly :)

Is it just me or are these posts getting off-topic? :)

  Jonathan Daugherty

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