Going the PL/1 way

Michael Ekstrand python at elehack.net
Mon Aug 9 17:50:26 CEST 2004

On Saturday 07 August 2004 16:19, Jarek Zgoda wrote:
> It is first time I felt it's "we and them" world, divided into
> "Python developers" and "Python users". They want features. We want
> stability and performance.

Perhaps I am unique among Python users. But I've always welcomed the new 
features Python has introduced in recent times, especially the 
new-style class stuff in 2.3.

Perhaps it is because my programing paradigm is intensely theoretical, 
with a lot of thought put towards purity of model. But it seems that 
the features the "Python developers" are adding increase Python's 
theoretical beauty, and hence make life easier for me as a user. Except 
for when I'm stuck needing to code for pre-2.3 Python. Or coding with 
Zope, where I feel that my hands are tied because I can't use some new 


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