Going the PL/1 way

Miklós nospam at nowhere.hu
Sun Aug 8 16:14:09 CEST 2004

"Dominic" <nomail at nomail.nomail> wrote in message
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> > And perhaps he might stay healthy longer than that young one who eats
> > and every new nutriment and colourful shiny berries. <wink>
> Yes, there is some truth in here.
> I knew you were going to write that. ;-)

Sure thing I wrote that. :-)

> Nevertheless, I think Python has been
> pretty feature complete and I am not
> sure if @decorators are good or bad.

Decorators, the way things are now, will IMHO actively entice people to
abuse code.
A flawed analogy is computed goto's.  We all know by now that 'goto' is evil
;-) but computed goto's (albeit made code flow 'more powerful')
only worsened reading the  spaghetti code which results in the usage of

> As far as I know they are part
> of C# and Java (recently).
> Maybe some experience and data
> has been gathered by them.

Dunno anything about C# but Java decorators are not that 'dynamic'. And IMHO
this is a good thing in this case.


> Ciao,
>   Dominic

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