ANN: Dive Into Python published

Mats Wichmann mats at
Sat Aug 7 08:35:18 CEST 2004

At 09:32 AM 8/4/2004, Mark  Pilgrim wrote:
 >I am pleased to announce that my Python book "Dive Into Python" is now
 >available on paper, published by Apress and weighing in at 432 pages.

Congrats, Mark.

I was at LinuxWorld Expo this week and stopped by Apress
and saw the book (sadly funds are tight so I didn't get
a copy).  They said the book had done extremely well so
far although it wasn't currently their hottest book,
their Plone book flew off the shelf (well, table) when
they were at OSCON last week.   This sounds like good stuff
for Python books in general!

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