Is there something else but Automake?

Magnus Therning therning at
Wed Aug 11 04:20:24 EDT 2004

Miki Tebeka <miki.tebeka at> wrote:
> Hello Magnus,
>> I am currently using Automake to make distributable tar-balls of my
>> application. Is there something else (hopefully better) that I can
>> use?
> You might want to have a look at SCons (  Great
> tool and written in Python, you can also use any Python code inside
> the configuration files.

Yes, I already know of SCons. There are quite a few things missing from
it though since it is a build tool mostly, and a configuration tool to
some extent, it explicitly isn't a distribution tool. I guess I'd have
to do a bit of work myself in order to get it to behave the way I want
it :-(


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