I would really like the code for a dome in vpython

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.com
Thu Aug 19 01:39:48 CEST 2004

On 18 Aug 2004 14:49:54 -0700, alikakakhel3 at hotmail.com (Ali) wrote:

>Please anyone I would really like the code for makinga dome in
>vpython. I would like to be able to adjust he color, axis, radius, and

You will lucky to find something readymade for VPython.

This looks like it would be helpful for finding dome corrdinates,
which you can then use to plug-in to VPython:


And Kirby is probably an excellent source of information in the area
of the intersection of domes/Python/VPython. He knows a good deal
about each of these things.

I don't know whether he monitors this list.  You might try posting to
edu-sig at python.org which I know he monitors, to see if he has
something to suggest.

I might have some other suggestions if a understood what you were
trying to accomplish, and why.


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